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"The point I liked about Anna’s way of doing this is that you don’t have to go anywhere, or be weighed by someone – it’s all done on email or phone to suit you. I also liked the fact that to start with Anna looks at what you are currently eating before advising what to change. This, to me, made a lot of sense - how can someone advise you on your diet if they don’t know what you’re currently eating first?  " Dave Harrison

Case studies

Here you can read first hand how businesses and employees have improved their health and wellbeing with our healthy eating solutions.

  • Richard's view on healthy eating!

    I wanted to lose weight, gain more muscle and eat regularly to keep my energy up!

  • Mandy's programme

    Mandy drank lots of fizzy drinks and ate bags of crisps at her desk just like many people.  She was keen to improve her diet and feel energised.

  • Jim - integrating healthy eating with his family

    Jim wanted to lose weight that had dogged him 'forever' and integrate healthy eating with his busy family and working life.

  • Health & Productivity

    Hear how Tracy Westall, UK Sales Director and Executive Board Member for SCC, believes how our programmes have improved the employee stakeholder process around health, productivity and wellbeing.

  • Why work with us?

    You may like to listen to Dave Harrison of SMQ Services Ltd talk about why his company firmly believes in prevention being better than cure.

  • Taking CSR Seriously

    Keith Mythen, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Standards, explains how our programmes have improved the health and wellbeing of staff through energy and productivity at work.

  • Anna has helped me change my life

    I had been overweight for a few years (size 20/22) and wanted to do something about it – especially as I had just been prescribed with a third blood pressure tablet...

  • Dave Harrison of SMQ

    One recent client wrote a short piece about his personal experience which we thought well worth an airing here. Yes, he’s a bloke … he’s Dave Harrison …

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