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Maintaining Personal Health To Grow Your Company Wealth....


Healthy living may seem an obvious benefit to your life but what about on the people who generate the value added each day at work. Many businesses ignore the significance of employee wellness on the profitability of the company.





In the past, wellness was seen as Human Resource project but interestingly the desire for employee wellness programs is now moving down the corridor with Accounting Age reporting

  • “44% of Finance Directors said employee health and wellness was a strategic priority compared to 38% of HR directors.” (1)


Because all the research shows that companies and managers who take the health of their employees seriously, deliver

  • 20% more revenue per employee
  • 16.1% higher market value
  • 57% higher shareholder value (2)

With statistics like that…the question moves from why should you, to why wouldn’t you look after your employees health? A healthy balanced life leads to a healthy balance sheet.

Finance Directors demand a good use of the corporate resources quite rightly, so when they report a return on investment of up to £5 for every £1 spent, then healthy living looks more like a revenue generator for…rather than a cost to…the business.

Two major causes of bad health and lost productivity are poor diet and physical inactivity. Both of these can be addressed without breaking the corporate budget.

Healthy living is not about visiting the gym 7 days a week and living on celery and salad for the rest of your life. Healthy living is about understanding what your body requires and replenishing your body so you can remain at your optimum level - removing those snacking urges in the process!

Healthy living is about the simple things in life. Life is complicated enough without adding with more rules to your world. It can be as simple as

  • Taking the stairs not the lift
  • Parking at the far end of the car park not as near the door as possible
  • About more real food and less processed
  • About having treats and not banning yourself from the tasty things on the menu.

Healthy living is linked to profit because the successful companies understand how profit growth is linked to a workforce which is focused and energetic, it is not about working longer, it is about having a focused mind through strong energy levels, maintained through a wellness program.


  • Why not deliver lunch n learn sessions to help people understand how to manage their diet to maximize their energy levels and reduce stress.
  • Why not give managers a one to one programme to help them achieve a healthy living target? This works on a 1:1 basis and fits into their work schedule. How better to show that people are the greatest asset than to provide a maintenance programme to reduce stress and increase focus and energy?
  • Why not conduct workshops which show how to maintain healthy living when there are business lunches to go to, when you are trying to balance a family's desire for pizza, time constraint and the need to look after all of the family’s health.

For more information on specific ways we can help you give us a ring on 0845 533 5302 for a bespoke solution for your business.


  2. 2009 Ceridian Report on Employee Wellness

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