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Getting The Best Out Of Your Team By Being A Healthy Team Leader


As a leader of people, you know that your personal success is linked inextricably to being able to motivate and inspire the people around you.

So if we offered you the chance to have

  • 28% less sick leave?
  • 26% less health costs?
  • 30% reduction in employee compensation claims? (1)


We suspect that you might be interested…. After all the market is tough enough without the health of your teams draining the profits as well.

The good news is that a healthy team is easy to initiate and in many ways comes down to simple common sense. Yet this common sense approach leads to team members being much more focused and productive at work . We all like to be valued and this increase in productivity delivers a much more valued and therefore happier employee.

With a healthy living program you can improve accuracy, consistency and energy in producing not merely satisfactory work but great work. Why? Because poor nutrition and the lack of exercise are 2 of the top 3 critical factors to a person’s motivation and productivity. Improve these two factors and you are on the path from good to great!

We like to think of it as R.E.A.L leadership

  • Recognise and communicate the importance of healthy living
  • Educate to give people the tools to improve their health
  • Assess progress against specific targets
  • Lunch and learn to review progress and celebrate success

For more information on specific ways we can help you give us a ring on 0845 533 53 02 for a our bespoke solution for your business.


  1. 2009 Ceridian Report on Employee Wellness

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